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Cowboy Boot Art

These boots are hand cut from plate steel or from a large disk plow. The spurs are added and can be made of brass, stainless, or mild steel. The spur straps are also made of steel with the buckle laced into the strap. Conchos and spur rowels are added.

When the steel work is complete the boots are sent to Wildlife Artist, Kathy Basset, of Greystone, Colorado to be individually hand painted. Each Cowboy Boot Art work is a one of a kind piece. The boots can be finished on both sides if desired. The Boot Art can be incorporated into table bases, wall hangings, mail box ornaments, etc. The boot tops can be painted however the customer wishes. You can visit Kathy's website at this link:

Picnic Table Base

Mailbox Ornament   Mailbox Ornament

Gate or Wall Ornament

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