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'Bubba' the BBQ Pit
"Bubba" the BBQ Pit

Being a "Colorado Improved Texan", I decided Colorado needed a top notch BBQ pit. This cooker can smoke, grill and even has a rotisserie. It can cook for 200 people as easy as for 2. And most important, the roof keeps you tucked in out of the rain and snow.

Customized Gun Safe   Customized Gun Safe

I customized this gun safe with 3 bar locking dogs, heavy duty tamper resistant locking handles and inlaid custom brass buffalo art work.

Meeker Classic Sheep Wagon   Meeker Classic Sheep Wagon
Meeker Classic Sheep Wagon   Meeker Classic Sheep Wagon
Meeker Classic Sheep Wagon   Meeker Classic Sheep Wagon

I was commissioned by the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trial Committee to perform a complete refurbishment on this circa 1894 horse drawn sheep wagon. I designed and fabricated the tongue of the wagon so it could be horse drawn and also refinished the entire wagon from the inside out.

Pony Wagon

I designed and built this pony wagon for a client in Meeker, Colorado. The front axle is a fifth wheel design and is undercut to allow the steering wheels to turn under the frame 360 degrees. The wagon seat is constructed of aluminum and will keep its neat appearance with virtually no maintenance. The authentic buckboard seat springs provide excellent rider comfort. The wagon is trimmed in oak with the client's brand added for a personal touch. The wagon can be pulled by pony with the shafts shown in this picture or by atv or snow machine simply by changing out the tongue. The wagon also has interchangeable sled runners for winter use.

Pony Wagon

The tongue quickly changes so that the wagon can be pulled by an atv or snow machine.

Pony Wagon

Sturdy all weather aluminum seat and authentic buckboard seat springs.

Pony Wagon

Here the wagon is rigged with fitted pony shafts and sled runners.

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