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Custom Built Gates, Archways and Gate Customizations

Custom Built Gate with Wings

The gate and aprons shown here were designed by Leonard and Betsie. The inset antique horse drawn rake wheels and the spiraled vertical bars create a simple but elegant effect that brings the Old West to the new age. For the finishing touch, the gate and aprons were powder coated with a dimpled bronze copper color to give the gate coating depth and richness.

Customized Gate

This ranch style gate is fashioned with an actual size boot silhouette. The spur is a replicated Blanchard made with stainless steel. The spur strap and boot straps are made of steel. The buckle is brass. And, yes, the rowel jingles.

Customized Gate

Another ranch style gate using a disc plow with a Texas star cut out. The longhorn features brass brazed horns. The disc is rimmed with flat bar and attached to the gate and is "animal safe."

Custom Archway

I constructed this wooden archway at the entrance to our home and shop. The logs are roughly 14" in diameter. The column posts are doweled into the cross log. The house numbers are hand carved in the columns. The cross log features a hand carved and painted rainbow trout.

Archway and Customized Gate   Customized Gate   Customized Gate

These three gates are as "bull proof" as you can get. The gates are constructed from 2-3/8" drill stem. The hinges are also made from 2-3/8" drill stem. The gates can be raised for heavy snow fall winters.

Western Style Gate with Boot Art   Cowboy Boot Art Work hand painted by Kathy Bassett

The gate was fashioned to resemble wrought iron gates of the old west. The Cowboy Boot Art is fabricated entirely of steel with a polished stainless steel Blanchard Spur replica. The concho spur button is made of nickel, and the spur strap and buckle are metal. I commissioned Kathy Bassett of Greystone Colorado, a premier wildlife artist to hand paint the boot.

Garden Gate and Arbor from Antique Bed Headboard

The Garden Gate shown here is fashioned from an antique steel and cast iron bed headboard. I added the vines at the bottom to add stability and to close in the lower gate. The arbor was added for the finishing touch.

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